The Silver Isles Discord server is for fans of the Summer King Chronicles (and future gryfon tales!) hosted by the author. It began as a Patreon reward for certain tiers, and due to enough people pledging, is available now as a general chat channel for the Gryfon Pride, even those who cannot pledge to the Patreon. (So thank those Patrons for helping to support more Gryfonly activities!)

We have some community rules in order to keep the Silver Isles everything they are meant to be: a place of escape and enjoyment, where we can find a little quiet from the madding world. The Queens Guard, AKA Moderators, have names in orange and are here to help maintain fun and civil conversation. If you are interested in being a member of the Queen's Guard, contact Jess. Members of the Guard have proven themselves by already conforming to the guidelines and helping steer conversation in productive directions or diffusing tense situations.

Please observe the following guidelines:

1.    Respect each other. Be polite.

2.    No profanity. We have many fledges in the pride as well as Jess's own tender sensibilities, and there are so many wonderful ways to express ourselves without profanity. If you like, you may express frustration using gryfon curse words, though we also hope you will also keep these to a minimum or Sigrun might come after you: mudding, winding, muddy, rutting, and blazes.

3.    Gryfon Pride members hail from every country, every political philosophy, every economic situation, and every religion. Make no assumptions about your fellow pride members' beliefs, and please treat everyone with empathy, honor, and respect. Make Shard proud.

4.    The content of the Silver Isles as far as conversation topics, links, pictures, etc, should in general be kept to the main interests of the group: gryfons, dragons, other fantasy works, birds, big cats, (okay, Animals in general including wonderful fishes and bugs) favorite books, and so on. I do encourage pride members to share their own work if it is relevant to the group's interests, and as long as you do so with some discretion. (Do we want to hear about your new book featuring dragons? YES! Do we want to hear about it more than once a day..? Probably not ;) Use your discretion).

5.    Do not link NSFW or disturbing content directly. (Just do not).

    1. If you want someone to look for it, tell them how to find it (i.e. ‘if you google ‘x, y, z, it’s the third link’), use the spoiler tags, or use the <>framing, or share it in a private message.

    2. If you are unsure whether content may be considered "disturbing" (some of us have higher tolerance/more interest in the macabre, sexy, or violent than others) please check with Jess or a moderator. Keep in mind our PG-13 rating, and always assume that there may be fledges joining us.

6.    Fan work of the Summer King Chronicles is welcomed and encouraged, as are original characters, and questions about the world. We're here to discuss and have fun! Jess has no ability to monitor all gryfon fan works so cannot police the content, but please, if you can, it would be nice to keep your creation in the same general spirit as the original stories.

7.    Please help guide discussions into the appropriate channels, so people can keep up on the discussions they particularly enjoy. During scheduled events, please stay on topic, when there is one.

8.    A gryfon pride is only as happy and robust as its members. As much as possible, please put in what you take out. Find fun things to share and be a resource when you can.

9.    When in doubt, act in a way to make Shard (and Jess) proud. We are a pride, and we are all different, and we can honor and acknowledge those differences while still respecting each other's sensibilities and boundaries.

The author reserves the right to delete messages, or kick, temp-ban, and perma-ban anyone for any reason, including reasons not mentioned explicitly here. In addition, moderators may kick people for misbehavior or delete offensive content as they see fit. Moderators have names flagged in orange; please apply to them for help if Jess is not available.

There are several channels in the server. Please use them for their intended purposes!

#sun_isle : Is a locked channel for paying Patreon Subscribers, and may occasionally enjoy sneak peek content.

 #star_isle: General chatter, all creatures welcome! Typical topics are books, awesome bird videos and art, questions about the Silver Isles world and characters, and news from Jess.

 #talons_reach: Is more specifically for Gaming chat! Yes, all the rules still apply to this channel, and it doesn't matter how frustrated you might get with your game. No profanity, no NSFW content, games with Adult ratings, etc. Thank you.

 #sunland_kitchens: Turns out, gryfons love to talk about food! Drop your favorite recipes into this channel or just wax poetic about the amazing nachos you just had.

 #crow_wing: If you have lots of art to share, drop it in here! Sometimes it can overwhelm the general channel, so we scoot art sharing, critiques, etc, into Crow Wing. As general a rule, please do not critique someone's work unless they specifically ask for it. We're at all different skill levels, and most of the time folks just want to share what they're up to. On the flipside: if you want critique, go ahead and ask!

Some things to keep in mind:

We are still a small and quite varied server. We have fledges in school, adults who work, college students, stay-at-home parents, work-at-home gryfs, folks across the world in different time zones. Jess tries to schedule a weekly patron chat (check Patreon for announcements) when people can make a point to stop by, but the chat busyness and topic varies! That said, it's hard for moderators, Jess, or anyone else to see everything that happens. If you have a problem, suggestion, or need guidance or advice on your behavior or an interaction you feel went off the rails, please DM Jess and we’ll talk. You can also consult a moderator (name in orange), if you prefer.


Fair winds.

Thanks to “The Jaguar” M.C.A. Hogarth for letting us lift from her eloquently written server rules to create our own.